Humankind benefits from a multitude of resources and processes that are supplied by natural ecosystems. Conservation of biodiversity, environment improvement and natural resource management has been of prime importance since the last decade. We, at Aranya, believe that biodiversity in green pockets of the city such as gardens, residential and company premises and fringe areas are also worth reverence.

From its inception, Aranya has ascended with a spacious clientele in order to deliver exceptional services in the locale of Ecological Landscape Designing, Ecological Surveys, Biodiversity Documentation, Thoughtful Deforestation and Education Excursions for conservation and awareness of the environment. Our methodology is eminent to provide planning and implementation of ecological restoration in a range of geographical locations. Moreover, a strong research based approach enables us to integrate both biological and physical landscape components into a comprehensive field study. Aranya’s extensive data analysis enables clients to plan land use and design cost effective conservation strategies for sustainable use of natural resources.

Our aim is to provide precise, timely, cost-efficient assessments to those who direct or develop natural resources, such as land. An assorted group of clients have benefitted from our services, including municipal and government resource management agencies; the land development and construction industry; architects, educational institutions, manufacturing companies, cantonment boards, students, and private land/house owners.

Aranya can custom-design services to meet our clients’ needs.

Professional achievements

Aranya is proud to have excelled its expertise in Ecological survey for Impact Assessment as per MoEF guidelines, in 2011.

We have concluded surveys for over 20 sites in and around Pune, Project expanses ranging from less than 5 acres to more than 150 acres.

We attained maximum credit points for Green Building Landscape Design as per IGBC Green Factory rating system, at Vishay Components India Pvt. Ltd., LoniKalbhor, in 2010.

Aranya is proud to be associated with Green Interventions and Pune Municipal Corporation for the Pune Tree Census 2010.

With thorough application, we have popularised the concept of indigenous species plantation and propagation of medicinal plants among our clients. We have supplied plantations of over 50,000 individuals of native plant species all over Pune through our network of nurseries. We tender exclusive trades in native, medicinal, forest species and rare or endangered species.

For ecologically important sites, we put forth cost effective, commercially viable mitigation measures and discuss these with the architect and the builder to preserve notable diversity, and to deal with the prominent alteration of ecological parameters.

Aranya’s prime objective is to motivate students in promoting ecological research, its utility; and to introduce school students to this yet unexplored field of biodiversity and natural resource management. To stimulate the interest and explore their awareness, we have conducted several study tours; each involving more than 100 students, to forest areas and unexplored habitats.

Professional Achievement