Ecological Survey

Why do I need an Ecological Survey?

It is required that every new construction above 20,000 Sq.Ft. must have an Environmental Clearance (EC) certified and approved by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF). The Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) is a comprehensive study that documents biodiversity and physical landscape components of the land prior to construction, and predicts impacts of proposed development (construction), if any, and their magnitude. Such a survey should be conducted by a qualified agency and should follow guidelines put forth by the MoEF.

Ecology surveys are an integral part of the EIA, and crucial with regard to applying for planning permission and EC.An Ecological Survey that encompasses all the necessary elements not only aids in the authority proceedings, but also promises credits and uplifting of professional reputation.  It is always prudent to consider environmental aspects and ecological components of the project area. Acquaintance with the ecology of the project site can reduce damage caused to biodiversity, can influence planning of land use and can make construction cost effective.

Aranya has a well qualified/ equipped team that conducts ecological surveys and provides detailed documentation of on-site species and sensitive habitats. Our methodology encompasses features right from site structure and topography to design of development proposed, materials used and management of resources post-occupancy. We predict the threat posed to biodiversity, if any and put forth measures that will help reduce adverse impacts possibly even provide ecological gain.
An ecological survey is seldom taken seriously and is rather viewed as a costly threat to the proposed development. While we understand that development of infrastructure is inevitable, we also believe that neglecting ecological impacts is not a wise approach. Our study helps clients achieve this golden mean and contribute their bit towards conservation of biodiversity.

Do you own some land and intend to explore flora and fauna?

A Biodiversity documentation survey can help you explore wildlife, plant diversity- interesting species, economically important, medicinal, rare species that may be present on your site. With meticulous field work, a detailed survey report is prepared.

A field report familiarises you with the unexplored, amazing biodiversity on your land. It will not only suggest prospective ways to protect/ enhance this diversity, but also share simple ways to invite more of wildlife. Such information is always beneficial to help you decide how to manage the site while conserving the environmental resources. It is a wonderful feeling to be awestruck by the biodiversity around you..

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