Aranya is a progressive ecological consultancy devoted to providing eminent ecological solutions, advice and technical services to a wide range of clients. We extend our services for all who wish to make wise and sustainable use of natural resource, including individuals, professional corporations and social organizations. 

Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) is a survey recommended by Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF). Our teams of Ecology professionals and students, proficient in Biodiversity conservation and natural resource management, conduct scientific and methodical reviews on project site. These reviews are then meticulously analysed and accumulated for a comprehensive report, as per MoEF guidelines.

We believe that development of infrastructure and landscape is rather an opportunity to enhance the ecological utility of the project area and its immediate periphery; than pose a threat to existing biodiversity. We emphasise on suggesting commercially viable mitigation measures and sustainable landscapes in order to achieve this golden mean.

Some of our Ecological Survey sites are,

  • Alfa Green Fields, Talegaon, Pune.
  • Ahura Lattitude, Kondhwa, Pune.
  • Ovalnest, Warje, Pune.
  • Maharashtra Police Megacity Corporation, Lohgaon, Pune. (160 acres)
  • Hari Vishwa Constructions, Nashik.
  • Darode-Jog properties at Charholi, Alandi, Pune.
  • Trinity Landmarks, LLP., Bhugaon, Pune. (110 acres)
  • Indradhanu, Solapur.
  • Puneville, Punawale, Pune.
  • Vision city, Jambhul villege, Talegaon, Pune.

To know why an Ecological survey is necessary for your land, Click here (:Link to ‘Why do I need an Ecological Survey?’:)

The pre-design survey is an extensive assessment of prime ecological features within the project
sites. It assists architects and developers to classify sensitive ecological areas and key ecosystem
aspects so that they are considered while planning further land use. While acting as an effective
guideline for architects, Aranya’s pre-design study also facilitates ecologically sound designs.

Our first pre design ecological feasibility survey was conducted at Punawale, Pune (construction
company, area) for Vishwas Kulkarni and Associates (Vk:a), Pune, in (month, year)

At Aranya, we elevate the standards of landscape designing by developing sustainable “Green Homes” and “Green Factories” with regard to Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) guidelines and norms.  We understand, examine and design corporate landscapes to accomplish maximum credit points in accordance with the IGBC Rating System.

We have designed a corporate landscape, in accordance with the IGBC Green Factory Rating system at Vishay Components Pvt. Ltd. Loni Kalbhor, Pune. (2010-11).

Highlights of the design include:

  • Only x % turf area
  • Over x% area under drought resistant plantation 
  • Up to x% area under drip irrigation system (no need)
  • Our landscape designs minimise water requirement, limit expanse of turf areas and promote the plantation of drought resistant plant species.

Designing landscapes that strike a perfect balance with the ecosystem is Aranya’s forte.

A preliminary environmental study of the site provides us with necessary ecological elements that play a key role in the design. Our designated landscape components are in accordance to enriching the biodiversity of the project area. By incorporating rare plant species to urban landscapes, we aim to achieve conservation along with beautification. We emphasise on promoting native species for their importance and aesthetic value.

Landscapes designed by Aranya are visually brilliant, sustainable and require least maintenance.

Our clients:

  1. Marigold, Windmill Village By Deshpande Builders, Pune.
  2. Mrs. Medha Prabhudesai, Aundh, Pune.
  3. Swa. Shakuntla Shinde Sports complex, Bibwewadi, Pune.
  4. Hotel Badshahi, Dahanukar colony, Pune.
  5. Mr. Vishal Shinde, Adawali, Velhe.
  6. G. B. Chaudhary Developers, Loni Kalbhor, Pune.
  7. Mr. Nilesh Chaudhary, Naygaon, Pune.
  8. Sakhare Petrol pump, Alandi, Pune.
  9. Vishay Components Pvt. Ltd. Loni kalbhor, Pune.

Medicinal and Indigenous plant species for plantation programmes

To cater to the plantation campaigns initiated by schools, corporate entities and communities, we have conceptualised indigenous species plantation. Aranya has always insisted on using native plant species for plantation programmes. Thus, through our network, we trade in forest plant species, medicinal plants and rare, endangered species. We have supported plantations of more than 50,000 plants all over and around Pune.

Furthermore, we also provide guidance to selection of plans for corporate plantations, along with interesting information about ecological significance of the species.

Aranya seeds your plantation in such ways that it turns out to be a worthwhile experience.

Our clients:

  1. Vishay Components Pvt. Ltd. Loni Kalbhor, Pune.
  2. Nitin Ranade, Pune
  3. MES Sainiki school, Pirangut
  4. DeMech Chemicals, Bhosari
  5. Dehu Cantonment Board, Dehuroad
  6. College of Ayurveda and Research Institute, Akurdi, Nigdi.

A biodiversity documentation survey designates ways to support the project site’s local biodiversity.

This entails conducting faunal diversity study and Floristic Documentation Surveys for individual as well as corporate clients. Upon evaluating and analysing ecological structure of the site, the concluding   report yields a total assessment of the site, including parameters affecting the ecology. Moreover, the survey involves Ecological elements; both in requirement of conservation and alteration.

Some of our ecologically sound clients:

●  Fly Nirvana (Paragliding & campsite), Kamshet, Pune.

●  Vishay Components Pvt. Ltd., Loni kalbhor, Pune.

●  Vishwas Kulkarni and Associates (VK:a), Pune.

●  Mr. Vinaykumar Puranik, Dapoli. 

Lush green outskirts of cities are rapidly being converted to residential/ industrial areas, a change adversely affecting our esteemed biodiversity. The need for construction cannot be debated, and deforestation for urban expansion becomes necessary. However, if this deforestation is considerately well-planned, its repercussions could certainly be lightened. 

Aranya provides a unique service that enables intelligent clearing of space. It includes Mapping of the project area and its peripheral components, to identify important plant and animal species, critical habitat features, ecologically sensitive pockets and other interdependent factors to gauge the impact of the proposed deforestation. We tag crucial plant special and fauna supporting habitat features to minimize their damage. We also propose a threat mitigation plan for extremely sensitive areas.  

Some of our ecologically sound clients include 

  • Green Valley Eco-structures Vile
  • Tamhini and Trinity Landmarks, Bhugaon, Pune. (Proposed)

We have been actively involved as Field Experts for study tours in schools and colleges across Pune. The activity focuses on increasing awareness among students about biodiversity and related issues, basic introduction to scientific methods of documentation and planning easy ways of conservation.

Field excursions conducted:

  • World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature conservation: Young Climate Savers programme conducted in 10 schools across Pune.
  • Abasaheb Garware College of Commerce, Pune.